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Three-colored amaranth

Practice of amaranth

1. Pour in the cold oil in the pot, then put in amaranth, then fry it with high heat.

2. Put the amaranth in the pot, do not put the oil temporarily, then move the pot to the fire source, stir fry until it is cooked, put the pot into the plate, then wash the pot, add the vegetable oil to make it 50-60% hot, pour into the plate, add some garlic puree, mix well and eat. This kind of amaranth looks beautiful and tastes delicious.

Mashed garlic and amaranth

Materials: amaranth, garlic


1. Fold the amaranth from the top down into small sections, tear off the tendons, discard the old parts and wash them. Peel and wash garlic and cut into mashed garlic.

2. Heat the pot, pour the cold oil, stir fry the garlic puree, and then fry the amaranth together. When the vegetable is soft, add salt to taste.

Amaranth fish soup

Ingredients: 250g fish, 250g amaranth, 1 / 3 cup canned corn, 1 spring onion, 1 ginger, 1 salt, starch, 1 tablespoon wine


1. Cut fish into nails, marinate with salt and starch, cut amaranth into pieces.

2. Stir fry shallot, ginger and wine in oil pot, add water to boil, stir fish to disperse, boil again, put down amaranth and corn, thicken with starch water to form a soup.