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Peanut bud

Stir fried long sprouted fruit with leek

Ingredients: 250g long fruit bud, 150g leek, 50g cooked pork, 3G salt, 10g cooking wine and 15g sesame oil.


1. Remove the two ends of the sprouts, wash them and put them into the boiling water pot. Remove them and cool them with cold water. Drain the water. Wash the leeks and cut them into 4cm long sections.

2. Put 30g of cooked lard in the wok and heat it. Put in the sprouts and stir fry for 2 minutes. Add salt, cooking wine and sesame oil and stir well. Leave the wok for use.

3. Put 20 grams of cooked pork in the clean pot, heat it on the high fire again, stir fry the leek for a while, put in the long sprout, stir quickly and evenly, then put it into the pot.

Stir fried with shredded meat

Ingredients: 250g of long-growing fruit bud, 200g of pork tenderloin, 25g of coriander, 3G of salt, half of egg, 25g of starch, 500g of peanut oil, 15g of soy sauce, a little sugar, 3G of rice vinegar and 10g of sesame oil.


1. Remove the root of the long-growing fruit bud and wash it for use; remove the fascia from the pork tenderloin and cut it into silk with a knife; wash the coriander and cut it into small sections.

2. Put pork shreds in a bowl, add 1g salt, mix the eggs and starch well, slide them into the oil pan until they are cooked, rinse them with long sprouts, and take out the oil for control.

3. Leave a little oil in the original pot, heat it on the fire again, stir fry with ginger for a while, add cooking wine, salt 2G, soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar, sprouted fruit and pork, stir fry evenly, sprinkle with sesame oil, sprinkle with cilantro section, and then put it into the pan.

Drunken fruit bud

Materials: 400g long fruit buds, 2 red persimmon peppers and 2 green peppers, 5g salt, 15g scallion, 1 small ginger, 5g pepper and 50g white wine.


1. Remove the two ends of the sprouts and wash them for use; remove the stems and seeds of red and green peppers and cut them into 5cm long filaments.

2. Put 2 grams of water and salt on the fire and bring to a boil. Blanch the red persimmon pepper, green pepper and long sprout. Drain the water.

3. Put water, salt 3 G, scallion, ginger and pepper on the fire and boil for 5 minutes. Pour the soup into the sea bowl, cool it and then put in the white wine, the sprout, the red persimmon pepper and the green pepper. Mix well and refrigerate in the refrigerator for 2 hours, then take it out for eating.