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Foxconn invests in LETV and holds 20% of the capital increase of LETV with 130 million shares

On April 2, news, LETV announced today that LETV, LETV holdings and Shenzhen guanding Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. plan to increase the capital of LETV Zhixin (a holding subsidiary of LETV) in cash to enhance the independent development of LETV TV business and enhance its performance.

Among them, Shenzhen guanding Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. increased the capital of LETV with 130 million yuan. It is said that the company is actually controlled by Foxconn.

According to the announcement of LETV, the capital increase plan is as follows: LETV will make a new capital increase for LETV with 100 million yuan, and the shareholding ratio after the capital increase is 51.54%. LETV holdings increased its capital by 87 million yuan and held 27.44% of the shares after the capital increase. Guanding construction increased capital by 130 million yuan and held 20% of the shares after capital increase.

Shenzhen guanding Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is the newly introduced capital in this round of capital increase. According to the information of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, the main business of guanding project is project investment and investment management, and its legal representative is Du Ling. Its registered address is the South partition on the third floor of building B, F7 District, Foxconn Science Park, 2 Donghuan 2nd Road, Longhua street, Shenzhen.

Previously, LETV announced a strategic cooperation with Foxconn. Foxconn will provide a full set of solutions for LETV super TV and Internet set-top box products. In addition, the two sides will also establish a joint venture. Foxconn promises not to manufacture related terminals for other Internet enterprises.