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Fast girl Liu Xin has ambition to win the championship?

The top three of fast women are coming out, and the next game is the night of champion. The top three of fast women's competition will decide the champion this Friday. Who can enter the top three of China? In fact, Liu Xin, Hong Chen and Duan Linxi are all champions in the eyes of many fans. Liu Xin, who is most ambitious to win the championship, said that the title is of great significance to him, and Liu Xin has come quite hard all the way. It's a pity that Zhang Jie can't take part in the night when fast women compete for the championship. But Wei Chen, who has just finished his training from South Korea and returned with his new album "dawn", will support the night of fast women champion. In fact, every fast woman hopes to become a champion. So how can 2011 fast women make a champion look? Let's have a look!

Liu Xin: the most powerful player for the championship, dressed in a black suit + Harlem pants, showing a handsome neutral style! With black leather boots, it's very impressive!

Hong Chen: it's like park Hsin Hui. Bud bra top with red yarn skirt, very little princess feeling, wide skirt design aesthetic, very romantic color. The loose black belt at the waist makes the slim figure more exquisite. Black and white high heel crocodile mouth sandals show more temperament!

Listani: the most dynamic and dynamic player on the fast women's stage, and also the most controversial player! Black sequined Vest + white hot pants, shrugged white suit coat, full of personality, very feminine!

Duan Linxi: I feel like the player with the cleanest voice and the most unique characteristics on the stage. I will be intoxicated when I listen to him sing! Graffiti T-shirt with pink shorts, it's sweet and lovely. Simple fashion dress up, very home feeling, sweet temperament stand out.

Yang Yang: it can be said that Yang Yang has had constant scandals and disputes along the way, but she still sat down! The white dress with suspenders and the skirt with wavy edges are full of elegance!

Su Miaoling: 15-year-old looks but has 45 year-old voice, which is Su Miaoling's characteristic. Her voice has made many judges like it! White Ruffle Chiffon Top with trousers, set off tall and slim posture, very fresh and sweet, pure dress is very atmosphere.

Yu Jiali: in fact, Yu Jiali is also a great general. Her singing skills are not inferior to those of Hong Chen. They are all high pitched singers. I don't know why they were eliminated so early? The black lace suspender skirt with purple background shows elegant and noble temperament!

Fu Mengni: what a cute girl! She's dressed in a Purple Plush skirt and a charming kitten. The stage effect is really attractive, but it's so hot!

Wang Yijie: Wang Yijie's ethereal singing and ethereal feeling are fascinating! White dress, irregular skirt design, with a high quality!

Lu Yi: the skirt with short front and long back is a hot style this year. The red hollow out waist cover shows the waist!