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"Palace lock bead curtain" two generations of heroine dress competition

"Palace lock bead curtain" two generations of heroine dress competition! "Palace lock bead curtain" the palace drama after the new year. The concubines played by actresses such as Yuan Shanshan, Shu Chang, Bai Bing and Zhang Jiani have their own characteristics and personality in clothing. Which of the ancient costumes of the imperial concubines in Palace 2 is more beautiful. And Yang Mi's dress modeling comparison!

In Gong 2, Yuan Shanshan plays lian'er, pure and charming. Her dress color is light, with a little elegant and pure breath, which makes people look very comfortable.

Yuan Shanshan in modern dress is dressed in a white polka dot red dress with a large V-neck design and a yellow peach collar dress. The color matching is very good-looking, showing her temperament and highlighting her unique fashion charm.

In Gong 2, Yang Mi's appearance is sweet and lively. The large peony embroidery is exquisite and atmospheric, very textured and good-looking.

Yang Mi in modern clothes has his own fashion taste, and his clothes are very atmospheric and fashionable. A color matching dress with a belt set off the perfect figure, showing a sweet temperament.

Shu chang plays Yun bin in Gong 2. She has a distinctive personality. The red clothes of the Qing Dynasty set off her noble and elegant temperament, which is very personalized.

Comfortable in modern clothes, small and exquisite feeling. The golden necked dress outlines the perfect figure, which is very expensive and fashionable.

The modest and noble man played by Yang Rong in Gong 2 is smart in confusion. This bright yellow dress is exquisite and generous, stitched with purple ribbons, full of noble spirit.

Bai Bing's Wanbin in the palace lock bead curtain has a feeling of quiet and elegance. Her clothes are plain and fresh and beautiful.

Yu Shu, played by Zhang Jiani in the palace lock bead curtain, has a lively personality and highlights the sweet and lovely side in her dress. Light green and light yellow are connected, and the embroidered patterns all highlight the delicacy and atmosphere of ancient costumes.

When participating in the event, Zhang Jiani was dressed in a small black leather coat, matching with a floral dress and black boots, with elegant temperament, showing the charm of a little woman, very beautiful and fashionable. Palace lock bead curtain, based on the good foundation of palace lock heart jade, fought again on the screen of 2012 and enjoyed extraordinary ratings. The heroines in the play worked hard. Who do you like better?