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How to match a fresh and loose T-shirt?

T-shirt, shirt, dress can create a variety of style impression, bring people different changeable shape. How to match a fresh and loose T-shirt? Let me take you to have a look!

Sleeveless slim cartoon letter T

Simple slim T-shirt, pure color, slightly waist line, let the body very shape, classic letter printing pattern, reveals cool street style, with dark short skirt, more elegant.

Bright striped half sleeve shirt

Bright color stripe half sleeve shirt, classic bat line, very relaxed fashion, with perfect Street leisure style. The pure cotton fabric with skin friendly texture and unique air permeability effect makes it very comfortable to wear and easy to match.

Bright and sweet butterfly Half Sleeve T

The distinctive three-dimensional black and white color reveals the perfect retro flavor. The exquisite butterfly pattern and flexible texture give people a sense of art. The slim straight line creates a charming and slender figure. The delicate pure cotton fabric is very comfortable to wear.

Trendy vertical stripe bat shirt

Bright and beautiful color elements of the half sleeve shirt, three-dimensional vertical stripe lines, let the body more tall, simple straight line, let the body have a slim feeling, neat and shapeless small lapel, give people a very capable color, comfortable and light fabric, wearing very comfortable.

Beautiful and bright candy cartoon half sleeve shirt + fashionable cool feeling worn out denim shorts

Beautiful and bright candy color half sleeve shirt, slim straight tube line, create a delicate curve, delicate fabric, skin feeling, wearing very comfortable, chest big animal pattern, revealing the perfect fashion childlike style.

How to match a fresh and loose T-shirt? Sihai clothing editor learned, did you learn? Move quickly to create a fresh and loose T-shirt!