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Fashionable and beautiful, easy to wear

Beautiful tip: in recent days, some areas suddenly rain, temperature began to drop, girls should pay attention to Oh. When it's cold or warm, as long as you have a versatile leggings, you can spend your summer clothes leisurely. Let's take a look at what suits Leggings perfectly.

No color is more suitable for yellowish Oriental skin than blue. Against the background, skin can always be transparent and healthy. Thin knitted fabric, suitable for late summer when autumn wind begins. Large bow tie, very clever diversion of attention, not for the imperfect chest embarrassed. It's 5cm below the hip line, and it's perfect with black stockings.

It can be simple or complex; it can be pure or sexy; it can be soft and charming. What color can be as changeable as white? The White Chiffon Long Shirt, with the faint quiet temperament, and the dark ripple point changing with the light, becomes lively immediately. The waistline design makes the hem look like a skirt, and the slim legs created by black leggings are appropriate.

03 soft texture clothing, even if the cut is loose, can still shape a delicate body. Soft fabric, will always move with you, flat abdomen, slightly warped hips, all perfect presentation. Wear a pair of Leggings in contrast to the top for a lively and playful look.

04 full of glossy fabric, enhance the quality of the dress. Square collar, showing the enviable clavicle, with a simple necklace, will not appear blank monotonous. Black stitching stripes on the waistband and two leather thin waistbands alternate to give the skirt a layered feel. With leggings, you can choose colors according to the occasion. It is recommended not to choose too fancy patterns.

05 long T-shirt and slim Leggings are a perfect match. If you match them properly, you can become a trendsetter. Blue round neck T-shirt, simple and generous, no skin color and versatile. The three five pointed stars on the body of the clothes are shining, and the black sequins and silver sequins echo each other, forming a sharp contrast.

A longer shirt like a lining skirt can be worn with solid leggings or slim legged jeans. Black small stand collar and black placket blend together, like a black tie, neutral and handsome, bubble sleeve and sweet temperament will be one of them. Loose hem, but also decorated with sweet Chiffon edge, delicate and beautiful.

07 cute and creative cartoon cows, to wear a childlike mood. You know, simple is the most favorite character of the opposite sex. Lovely bubble sleeve, in addition to sweet, but also perfect the imperfect shoulder shape. Versatile black can be paired with the popular candy color Leggings of the season.