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This winter, the streets are thin. How do ladies match their clothes to be tall

This winter, the streets are thin. How do ladies match their clothes to be tall? Walking in the street in winter, I see many tall and fashionable ladies. How can I wear clothes like them? Several popular street clothes match this winter. Try which one you like!

Fake two-piece short slim motorcycle PU leather jacket. The combination of leather and cowboy is sometimes fashionable. It's layered to wear a leopard print bottomed shirt inside, and it's very high with jeans! It's cool to walk on the street with a fashionable knitted long tongue hat!

A very temperament dress. The black short cotton jacket, hooded and thin waist style is more slim and slim. It is very fashionable with striped bottomed shirt and scarves of the same style and color. Then match it with small leg jeans and black boots, capable and atmospheric!

In recent years, the hot bright leather short cotton clothes, blue is very pleasing to the eye, slim and fashionable, large lapel, wool collar is very fashionable, wool lapel and wool sleeve are warm and fashionable, with white bottomed shirt and blue Cowboy SHORTS inside. It's really beautiful 'frozen people'.

The steamed bread collar, which is very popular in recent years, is matched with double row button and edge closing short cotton clothes. The slim version is very thin. It looks tall and charming with black short yarn skirt, which has the taste of a lady!

There are more skills to teach you in matching thin clothes in winter. Come and have a look. Xiaobian continues to provide you with the matching scheme of fashionable clothes, which can't be missed!