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Weight loss fitness yoga exercise to relieve fatigue

In the fast-paced society, to face all kinds of pressure, how to keep fit and relieve fatigue depends on the help of yoga. Four seas female small make up teach you a few sets of Fitness Yoga action, relieve fatigue!

One foot front balance

Standing position, right foot on the ground, right leg straight, left leg straight to the rear, parallel to the floor, upper body bending downward, so that the back is parallel to the floor, upper arm straight to the front, fingers make pistol gesture.

① Lie flat on the fitness blanket, keep your feet apart naturally, keep your legs straight, lift your legs slightly off the floor, keep your abdomen and thighs close to the fitness blanket, bend your elbows, keep your hands parallel to the floor, and keep your balance.

② Lower your arms and place them on both sides of your body. Keep your arms on the ground. Keep your left leg straight and close to the floor. Raise your right leg straight and raise it at a 60 degree angle to the floor. Lower your head and place your chin on the floor.

③ Bend your legs, lift your feet off the floor, keep your thighs close to the floor, straighten your arms off the floor and point to both sides, and lift your chest up as much as possible.


Standing position, left foot on the ground, right foot raised, around the left knee above, and with the right toe hook behind the left leg, straighten the back, arms on the chest, elbow bending, left arm around the right arm below, so that hands and palms close, eyes in front.

Tree pendulum

Stand with feet together, legs straight, arms straight over the head, hands make pistol gesture pointing to the sky, arms and shoulders tilt to the left, try to make the body press down to the left, straighten the back, straighten the chest.


Lying flat on the floor, feet naturally separated, legs stretched naturally on the floor, arms naturally on both sides of the body, head on the floor, relax the body, do natural breathing.


Stand with feet together, knees bent, hips down, back straight, arms straight, shoulder width and pointing forward, eyes in front, keep balance.