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What are the three main points of practicing yoga

In the fast-paced life, the common phenomenon is that the spirit is tense and the pressure is great, which makes people gaunt and tired easily. Practicing yoga can not only effectively perfect the body posture, but also eliminate the tension, relieve the pressure and make the body and mind more healthy. There are many essentials in yoga practice. If you don't master it well, you will have some misunderstandings. So, what are the three main points of Yoga?

(1) Do not know how to adjust the intensity of exercise according to their own situation. Yoga emphasizes listening to your body's feeling and doing it according to your ability. We must learn to control the intensity of practice by ourselves, and must not be forced to do it. Only compare with your own body, reach your own limit, never compare with others.

(2) Three days fishing, two days drying net. Yoga needs long flow. For beginners, it should be practiced at least three times a week, and generally it can be effective after three months. Don't rush for success.

(3) Like to look at others. When doing each movement of yoga, I always like to see the teacher, look at others, look in the mirror, and do not pay attention to the control of breathing and sensory parts. You should learn to listen to the teacher's action instructions with your ears. As long as you listen carefully and pay attention to your breath, you can do every action well.