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Who are not suitable for Yoga

It is often said that yoga can cultivate one's temperament, but in fact, not everyone is suitable for practice. After all, yoga has some more difficult movements, people with chronic diseases or tuberculosis and other symptoms, as well as people in the recovery period after surgery, should consult the Yoga coach or doctor before practicing asana;

When doing upside down handstand posture, do not do it for patients with high blood pressure, hypotension, head injury, dizziness and heart failure; yoga practice is conducive to the growth and smooth delivery of the fetus, but it must be carried out under the guidance of the coach, and the practice should be stopped three months before the birth, and any posture that oppresses the abdomen should be avoided during the practice, especially not suffocate; Menstrual exercises help to stabilize mood and relieve dysmenorrhea.

During the first two days of menstruation, you can take a rest without practicing asana, but you can practice meditation and breathing practice. In the later period of menstruation, you can do some postures, but you should reduce the amount to not fatigue, do not do large-scale movements, and pay attention to avoid handstand, abdominal extension and reverse movements.

To practice yoga, you must know whether you are suitable or not, which is good for your health.