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The benefits of children's belly dance

The benefits of children's belly dance, jump out of health and vitality! Belly dance is very suitable for children's sports, many people introduced to children dance, children dance belly dance does have certain benefits and help, want to jump out of health and vitality, come to learn belly dance!

On the characteristics of belly dance--

1、 The basic action of belly dance belongs to the soft action of low intensity, so it will not produce compression and impact on children's skeletal ligaments;

2、 Although the basic action of belly dance belongs to low intensity, it needs continuous and repeated practice, which can exercise children's endurance and perseverance;

3、 Belly Dance contains a lot of joint training, which can enhance the elasticity and flexibility of children's joints, and joints are the dead angle of the body that can rarely be exercised in other sports.

4、 As a kind of dance art with rich history, belly dance is very helpful to cultivate children's elegant temperament.

In Egypt, the birthplace of belly dance, as a real popular dance, belly dance is not limited by age at all. Belly dance is a way of life for most Egyptians, which has been deeply integrated into people's life like air. People have been dancing since childhood. On the street, you can often see Egyptian children with dexterous waist and dancing steps. Even very small children can move their limbs in the music under the guidance of adults.

At present, the situation in China is different from that in Egypt. On the one hand, due to the differences in culture and environment, there is no strong dance atmosphere like that in Egypt. On the other hand, belly dance is considered to be the exclusive dance of women to a large extent. Therefore, the situation of children's belly dance is still relatively rare. Compared with the popular children's Latin and children's Ballet physique training classes, the training of children's belly dance is simple It's a rare species. Although a small number of children learn to dance belly dance, it is only a short-term training for a school or family performance show. Few children practice belly dance as a long-term training program. In fact, the combination of belly dance step gesture is very suitable for training children's flexibility and coordination. More importantly, because of the highly free combination of belly dance, it is a good exercise for children to freely express their lively nature.

Children are very suitable for belly dancing. More articles about belly dancing on women's body beauty channel will continue to explain the benefits of children's belly dancing, so that the majority of children's friends can also jump out of health and vitality!