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Sexy and soft belly dance fat girl is as charming as dancing

Sexy belly dancing is popular this autumn. Fat girls are as charming as they are! Many girls are struggling to lose weight, but not all of them can make them happy. Belly dance is a kind of free and happy dance. Regardless of age, fat or thin, male or female, you can join this passionate dance.

Fall in love with belly dance

Xiaomei, 23, was a warm and cheerful girl. Recently, she began to eat and drink crazily because of her bad work. She grew into a little fat girl by accident, so she was in a worse mood. Under the persuasion of her good friend, she decided to come to the gym to lose weight. In the face of many choices, I don't know what to do.

When she saw a group of people writhing in the gym, her face full of happiness, she said: I practice this. So Xiaomei began her belly dance journey.

Belly Dance doesn't need to look at other people's eyes. It's good to cooperate with other people's steps. When you dance, you only need to pay attention to yourself and your heart. This is a kind of dance that combines soul and body, so that people can completely immerse themselves in their own world and feel happy and free. After a period of time, Xiaomei became a warm and cheerful beautiful girl.

Feel the belly dance

At the invitation of the coach, the reporter also had a personal experience in Gerry's dance room. Before class, the coach emphasized the points for attention in practice. She told reporters: 'belly dance is a kind of dance with cultural characteristics, which can be divided into two forms, one is national dance, the other is performance dance.

Folk dance emphasizes form, custom, tradition and dance posture. Performance dance is personal development and creativity, which is specially for training waist, abdomen, stomach, buttocks, thighs and arms to reduce the weight. '

Because the movements and postures of belly dance are natural and random, and will not cause any harm to the body. Other dances have to start from primary school, requiring long legs, slim body, etc., but belly dance is not restricted by age and body shape.

Gorgeous and sexy basic equipment

Coach Wang introduced that the original name of belly dance in Arabia was rakssharki, which means oriental dance. When dancing, you should be barefoot, shake off the shackles of shoes and open your heart to a deeper level.

In the process of fitness, it's good to wear a casual suit that is convenient for activities. However, if you have the desire to perform, you can also wear a beautiful dress, like a dancer on TV.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of this autumn's popular sexy belly dance. Fat girls are just as charming when they dance. Today we will introduce here. More topics about belly dance will be introduced in the following articles. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!