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Why can belly dance show women's charm?

Beauty tips: belly dance is a kind of dance that can show women's charm and highlight women's attractive belly. Many women are more and more like this kind of dance. Xiaobian will tell you how to show his charm, and you will know where his charm is!

Standing: any Kung Fu or dance, to learn well, the first step of standing posture should strive to standardize. The key point of belly dance is to straighten out the chest, stretch the neck, straighten the back and buttocks; raise your head confidently and avoid bending over. The confident and elegant temperament starts from the standing of the first power.


1. The two arms open naturally on the left and right sides of the body, and the center of gravity of the whole person is on the spine. It starts to bend from the fingers of one hand and passes through the wrist, forearm, big arm, shoulder and body to the other arm.

2. The arm can also dance alternately from left to right, as long as you pay attention to each joint. In the process, the eyes should be able to focus on the arm's curvilinear movement and be flexible together.

Regular exercise of the arm can not only improve the flexibility of the shoulder, arm and wrist joints, but also prevent chronic joint diseases such as' mouse hand 'and shoulder elbow inflammation.


1. You can start with a simple extension of a single finger, gently clench your fist with both hands, and extend your fingers from the thumb in turn. When you extend your index finger, you will automatically retract your thumb, and so on.

2. The coordination between the middle finger and the ring finger is more difficult. Don't be impatient. You can try it slowly. Try to achieve it first, and then pursue the speed.

If you want to have long and flexible fingers, and send out thousands of amorous feelings in every move, you should practice this action diligently.