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The picture above shows you how to make nutritious rice noodles with tomato, egg and shredded meat

Usually, the rice noodles sold outside are very popular, but their rice noodles are single and nutritious. Today, the picture of shows you how to make super nutritious rice noodles, tomatoes, eggs and shredded meat. Make sure you eat happily. If you have a picture, make one quickly!

Preparation materials: rice noodles (thinner rice flour), tomato, lean meat, corn, onion, egg, peanut starch

Seasoning: ketchup, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, cooking oil, pepper

Method of nutritional rice noodles with tomato, egg and shredded meat:

1. Material drawing. Rice noodles need to be soaked in advance.

2. Materials do the basic processing, meat shredded, salted soy sauce grab salted, eggs broken, tomatoes cut into pieces, chopped shallots, corn washed clean.

3. When the oil is hot, you can hear the crackle of peanuts. Pour the oil out of the pot. When it is cool, put it into the fresh-keeping bag and break it with a rolling pin.

4. Use the bottom oil in the pot to fry the shredded meat.

5. Put the shredded meat out of the pot or push aside, and then fry the eggs.

6. Add tomatoes and stir fry sauce.

7. Drop the corn.

8. Squeeze ketchup. It's better not to have less. It's very refreshing.

9. Boil it

10. After the water boils, pour in the sauce, put in the scallion flowers, and pour in the sesame oil.

11. A pot, sitting pot boiling water, cooking rice noodles.

12. Take out the rice noodles, pour on the roasted sauce, and add the soup for cooking rice noodles according to your preference. Better if you have soup.


1. Do not overcooke rice noodles to avoid bad taste.

2. The sauce can be mixed at will.