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How can summer snacks be without the home style of pickled pepper and chicken feet

Summer, many people like to nest at home, while eating pickled pepper chicken feet, while drinking beer. Watching TV with the air conditioner on is really a good pastime. If there is a professional family gnawing chicken feet at home, it's better to do more at a time and supply them at any time. Do you know the home practice of pickled pepper and chicken feet?

Ingredients: chicken feet pickled pepper ginger garlic star anise cinnamon leaves purified water white vinegar pepper salt chicken

1. Clean the chicken feet first, and then cut them in half with a knife to make them tasty. Get ready to smell

2. Put chicken feet into the pot, add ginger, garlic, pepper, clover, star anise, cinnamon, salt.

3. Cook for about 13 minutes until the chicken feet are cooked, not too bad.

4. Take out the chicken feet and put them under the tap water to cool, so as to avoid the occurrence of meat jelly later. Wash away all the gelatins and then cool them.

5. Prepare a glass or porcelain container and put in pickled pepper and pickled pepper water.

6. {if you like spicy food, you can chop pickled peppers, I'll do it), add some pure water or cool water, pour in some white vinegar, stir well, and then add chicken essence and salt. In fact, the amount of vinegar depends entirely on personal taste. I determined the proportion after tasting it with a spoon. This is up to you.

7. Throw the cold chicken feet into the pickled pepper water, cover it and let it taste. Tips for pickled pepper and chicken feet

The longer the soaking time, the better the taste of chicken feet. If you also like to eat chicken feet, you might as well try it at home!