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How can you miss such a delicious food?

I'm sure you've all eaten sausages, but do you like candy shaped sausages? Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to make candy table sausage, which will definitely make you the focus of the banquet. How can you miss such delicious food!

ingredients: right amount of dumpling skin, right amount of sausage, right amount of salad oil, right amount of tomato sauce

Prepare the same amount of dumpling skin and small sausage (dumpling skin can be slightly processed, if it is too thick, it can be slightly rolled thin, if the dough becomes dry and hard, it can be pasted with a layer of water after operation)

2. Take a sausage and put it in the middle of the dough

3. Turn over the top half of the dough and cover the sausage

4. Turn up the lower part of the dough and glue it together

5. At the end of the tail, along the bottom of the sausage, roll it up like candy paper

6. The other end is the same as above

7. Fork can be used to decorate the two ends of the candy with some texture effect. After finishing one by one, put the candy on the plate at an interval

8. Pour proper amount of cooking oil into the pot, and fry the candy in the pot after the oil is hot

9. When the surface of the shell turns golden yellow, take out the pot to control the oil

10. Set the plate and dip it in tomato sauce