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How to make a good pumpkin egg soup? Make up your hands and teach you how to do it

Egg soup is a kind of recipe that I can't bear to eat. It's soft, glutinous and fragrant. It melts in the mouth. So I always love this delicacy. But if you don't master the heat properly, it's easy to steam it too old. So today, I'd like to learn how to make delicious pumpkin egg soup!

main ingredients: Pumpkin (small) 1 egg 1 salt a little vinegar proper amount of sesame oil appropriate amount of water appropriate method:

1. Wash the pumpkin and cut off 1 / 4 of the top

2. Dig out the seeds inside the pumpkin with a small spoon, and then dig out a small part of the pulp, leaving a thickness of about 1cm

3. Put the eggs into the bowl

4. Add appropriate amount of warm water, the ratio of warm water and egg liquid is 1:1, the egg soup is the most tender and smooth, and the taste is the best. If you like something more tender, you can increase the proportion of water appropriately, and the water temperature is about 50 ℃ (if you can't master the amount of water, you can use the eggshell to hold warm water, take half of the empty shell of the chicken egg full of water, pour in the water of two and a half eggshells.)

5. Add a little salt for seasoning, not too much salt, just a little

6. In one direction, mix the egg liquid and water

7. Filter the egg liquid with a small filter screen to remove the tendon head, which is also a trick to make the egg soup tender and smooth

8. Pour the egg into the pumpkin cup

9. Cover with plastic film

10. Use a toothpick to put holes in the film

11. Boil the water in the pot and put the pumpkin cup into the pot. Steam over high heat for 1-2 minutes. Steam pumpkin and egg mixture over low heat for 8 minutes

Add vinegar, onion and oil to taste. Enjoy it while it's hot. It's often the simplest dish that tests people's cooking skills. In fact, as long as you master the five key points of egg soup, zero cooking skills can also make super tender and smooth perfect egg soup. Use small pumpkin instead of bowl to steam egg soup, enjoy the egg soup at the same time, you can wipe out the bowl together. Small pumpkin is not only small and exquisite in shape, but also delicious, soft and smooth. Fresh and tender egg soup, accompanied by sweet and soft pumpkin, is both nutritious and delicious.