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The unrestrained life of garlic flavored shrimps while enjoying the sea view in early autumn

July and August are the season for a large number of seafood. For those typical eaters, they often spend a lot of time wandering among delicious foods. In fact, in addition to hairy crabs, shrimp in autumn is also a good choice. Today, I'll teach you a dish of garlic flavored shrimp.

Materials: basic tail shrimp, garlic, ginger, scallion salad oil, soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, sugar, black pepper


1. Prepare the ingredients. Dice all scallion, ginger and garlic.

2. Pick out the shrimp line at the second section of the shrimp back, and then rinse it with flowing water to control the water content.

3. Pour the right amount of salad oil into the pan, add ginger and half of garlic to stir fry.

4. Stir fry the prawns.

5. Add cooking wine after shrimp discoloration.

6. Pour in soy sauce and a little soy sauce, add sugar, salt and chicken essence.

7. Stir fry to taste.

8. Stir fry until the soup is dry. Add the chives and the remaining half of the garlic.

9. Add a little ground black pepper powder, stir well and then take out of the pot.

Four seas tips;

1. Buy fresh prawns. The one with uniform size is the best.

2. Shrimp should not be cooked for a long time. If the meat becomes hard, the taste will be bad.

3. Soy sauce is salty, so don't add too much salt. Try it and adjust it according to your own taste. The well cooked garlic flavored prawns sell well. For those who like to eat prawns, they can enjoy not only the baptism of the sea breeze, but also the delicious food. What's the reason not to like this season?