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Unique Sichuan food label with chuanchuanxiang in Sichuan

1. Wash lotus root and potato, peel them and cut them into thin slices, string them with bamboo sticks, string dried fungus with bubble hair, string long strips of bean skin with bamboo sticks, string mushroom slices with bamboo sticks, cut lunch meat into thick slices and string them with bamboo sticks.

2. Put 1500 grams of bone soup or water in the pot, add in the cool spicy hot base material, boil, and put all kinds of string into the cooked and fished out.

3. Cool the soup and soak the cooked string.


1. Sichuan chuanchuanxiang has a wide selection of materials. Basically, all the materials that can be used for hot pot cooking can be used to make chuanchuanxiang. When cooking, different materials should be cooked separately. Pay attention to the heat, and the uncooked materials can be boiled off.

2. In the midsummer night, it belongs to cold eating cup, which means eating cold dishes and drinking beer in Sichuan dialect. Cold refers to cold dishes, while eating means eating, and cup is wine cup.

3. It's very suitable for summer banquet. Although the preparation work is a little complicated, it can be done in advance. When the guests come to the table, they are not in a hurry. The dishes are soaked in the base for a long time and taste better. In fact, this kind of string string string is also called "cold pot string string" in Sichuan.

4. The bottom of the dish is cooked with hot oil and spicy sauce from Haidilao. It tastes good but not greasy. There is no need for seasoning. The key to making this dish is the heat. Vegetables should be crisp and tender, and they will not taste good if they are overcooked.

5. When eating, you can also dip it into a 'dry dish' as is customary in Sichuan Province. The dry dish is a dish mixed with dried chili powder, pepper flour, fried sesame, peanut chips and salt.