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Home made delicious red bean crispy is the most representative of the love of food

1. the pastry and the oil skin materials are mixed separately, and the fresh-keeping film is covered for 30 minutes. Then the oil crust and the pastry are divided into 15 parts, 18 g and 12 g respectively

2. then press the oil skin slightly by hand, wrap the pastry in, wrap it tightly with the tiger mouth, press the mouth down, roll it into an ellipsoid with a rolling stick, and then roll it up and stand for 15 minutes

3. then press the rolled dough flat again, roll it into an ellipsoid, and then roll it up and stand for 20 minutes

4. then knead the two sides of the dough which is rolled twice, and then roll the pinch mouth upward to form a circle

5. wrap the red bean sand in, wrap the tiger mouth tightly, then pinch the mouth down, preheat the oven for 350 degrees, bake for 30 minutes, and then spread white sesame with egg liquid before entering the oven