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Display of the rough Northern Style in a bowl of Hula soup in Xiaoyao town

(1) Raw material processing. Cooked mutton is cut into diced dice (or sliced); the skin is softened and cut into shreds; kelp is washed and cut into shreds after swelling, boiled with boiling water to remove mucus, and then soaked in water; fried tofu is cut into shreds; spinach leaves are removed, roots are cut, washed and cut into 2 cm long sections; fresh ginger is washed and cut into rice grains.

(2) Wash gluten. Put the flour into a bowl, mix it into a soft dough with 1 kg of water, dip it in the water and knead the dough. After a few minutes, knead the dough, and then mix it with water and press it gently. When the flour water is thick, change it with water and wash it again. Repeat this several times until all the flour and juice in the dough are washed out, and then take out the gluten by hand and soak it in a clear water basin.

(3) Make soup. Add about 5kg of water into the pot, add fresh mutton soup, then add shredded vermicelli, kelp, fried tofu and salt in turn, bring to a boil with high fire, and then add some cold water to make the soup pot slightly boiling. Take up the gluten, shake hands into large slices, and slowly rinse into gluten ears in the basin (large pieces of gluten are scattered with rolling pin). After boiling in the pot, stir the flour thicken (drain the water above) into a thin paste, slowly hook it into the pot, stir it with a rolling pin while hooking, until the consistency is uniform, add five spice powder and pepper, mix well, then sprinkle spinach, and boil the soup. Pour in vinegar and sesame oil when eating.