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Shanxi Jinzhong cat ear's journey of food reminiscence for the past years

1. Wash the soybeans, mushrooms, fungus and yellow flowers and soak them in water for use.

2. Take the right amount of flour (the number of people to eat depends on the number of meals), add water, and mix into dough. The hardness of the dough is similar to that of the dumpling skin. It should not be too soft, otherwise it will be difficult to do next.

3. Take a small piece from the dough and rub it into a long dough stick about half the thickness of your thumb.

Next, we can make cat ears. Take about one centimeter from the long dough stick, then press the dough with your thumb and rub it forward to form a hollow roll like a cat's ear. (Note: don't press the dough too hard, or it will stick to your fingers if you rub it forward.)

5. After rubbing, wash the prepared vegetables. Suggestions for vegetable varieties: lentils, potatoes, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

6. Cut lentils, potatoes into small pieces (about 1.5 * 1.5), cucumber slices, tomato slices, Chinese cabbage leaves and stems separated.

7. Boil the soybeans in boiling water. Cut the soaked mushrooms, fungus and yellow flowers into small pieces or small pieces. Stir fry them in the oil pan until they are done. Pour them into the boiling pan, and put them into the cat's ears to cook at the same time.

8. First stir fry lentils and potatoes, which are also eight ripe, into the boiling pot; then stir fry with Chinese cabbage and tomato until they are seven ripe and pour them into the boiling pot.

9. Stir fry the sea rice and cucumber slightly, and put it in the end. At the same time, you can add salt. (you can also add salt one by one during the cooking process)

10. After all contents are basically cooked, add another egg, laver, etc. according to personal habits. Then it can be served up and eaten. You can put some sesame oil, soy sauce and other condiments.