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Steamed pork with sprouts the most unforgettable temptation in the streets of Chengdu

1. A piece of streaky meat;

2. Yibin sprout (this is the best whole sprout that I asked my friend to buy. It's fragrant when I open the bag! This is not the kind of shredded rice sprout that we usually use. Because there are grains of sand in the shredded rice sprout, it's very uncomfortable to eat, so I didn't use it for a long time);

3. Add Hanyuan pepper, ginger slices and cooking wine to the pork and cook it thoroughly (about 30 minutes);

4. The cooked streaky pork is brushed with sugar color while it is hot, and then it is cooled;

5. Brush the sweet streaky pork and put it into the oil pot with 80% oil temperature to make the skin (this process must be careful of scalding, I use the pot cover to protect myself in the whole process, ha ha);

6. Take out the fried pork and let it cool;

7. Cut the whole pork into chopsticks thick slices and mix them with soy sauce (the thickness of the slices must be even, not too much soy sauce);

8. The meat slices after coloring shall be put into bowls and plates.