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A delicacy for children's collection

1. Remove the fascia from the chicken breast and use a knife to cut a piece vertically at 1 / 2 of the thickness to form a connected large piece. It doesn't matter where there is a break. When wrapping the cheese piece, just butt and wrap the bread bran at a certain place;

2. Beat the sliced chicken breast with a meat hammer or back of a knife to make thin slices of meat;

3. Put the chicken breast meat into the container and rub it with salt and black pepper, gently knead and marinate for a few minutes. It is not too salty. The cheese has salty taste, and the fried chicken has salty taste;

4. Take out and smooth the marinated chicken breast, and put the cheese piece on the side of the chicken breast meat piece;

5. Fold the other side of the chicken breast over and cover it all around;

6. Dip a layer of dry flour in the flour, and then put the yolk liquid to wrap the egg liquid;

7. Mix fried chicken powder and bread powder, wrap the chicken chops covered with egg liquid with bread bran, and press gently with your hand to make the bread bran more firm. Brush a thin layer of water on the surface covered with bread bran with a brush, and then wrap a layer of bread bran, so that the crust will be thicker and more delicious;

8. Put the chicken ribs into a 60% hot oil pan, fry for 3-5 minutes on a low heat, remove when the surface is completely golden, or fry in a pan;

9. The cheese in the newly fried chicken chops is liquid and very hot. When eating, you must pay attention to it. It can be eaten with tomato sauce or sweet and spicy sauce. It's delicious;