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Different western customs of Pingyao honey yam

1. Prepare yam, sugar, honey and cool boiled water.

2. Wash and remove the skin of yam.

3. Put a proper amount of cooking oil into the pot and heat it to 70-80%.

4. Turn the yam into medium and small fire and fry until the yam is ripe and golden on the surface. Remove the oil control.

5. Pour out the oil in the pot, put in the sugar directly without oil, and pour in half a small bowl of cold water.

6. Stir with a shovel and cook until the sugar melts. The water evaporates and the syrup surface turns light burnt yellow.

7. Put in the fried yam and stir evenly.

8. Pour in 1 tbsp honey.

9. Stir evenly to make the surface of yam evenly covered with honey and syrup.