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Special snacks, healthy version of black rice sausage

I think a lot of friends have done a lot of enemas in winter. Have you ever thought about making a delicious enema for health preservation? This time, it's mainly based on tonic, and other ingredients are mainly black food suitable for mobile warming.

Black bean, sesame, glutinous rice sausage

1. Soak black beans one day in advance. Soak glutinous rice for 2-3 hours. After cleaning black sesame and white sesame, stir fry them slightly in a wok.

2. After buying the fresh pig large intestine, wash it first, then turn the inside of the large intestine to the outside, turn it over and wash it to remove the fat and oil.

3. Clean the large intestine by rubbing it with raw powder, and then rub it again with a small amount of rice wine to thoroughly clean the large intestine.

4. Mix glutinous rice, black beans and sesame. Season with salt, oil and soy sauce. Take the needle and thread to sew up one end of the pig large intestine, pour in glutinous rice, black beans and sesame seeds, and sew one section about 10-15cm in length.

5. Use a needle to prick at random on each section. After the enema, put in a casserole and add some water. Cook for 1 hour.