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It's delicious. It's made of pork ribs

How to make spareribs? South Korea has their famous spicy fried rice cake. China has its famous Shanghai spareribs rice cake. After learning for a long time, we have made this delicious Shanghai fresh rice cake. Let's see if it's right.

1. Mix glutinous rice flour and glutinous rice flour, add a little hot water and stir to form a dough, pour in oil and mix well, then continue adding water until the dough is smooth.

2. Divide the dough into two parts and make it into flat strips. Oil the bottom of the steamer and steam for 10 minutes.

3. Take it out and fry it. Beat pork chops into thin slices with the back of a knife. Add a few drops of cooking wine and ginger slices, mix well and marinate.

4. 80ml whole wheat flour, an egg, half teaspoon salt and a teaspoon pepper powder are mixed with water to make a batter.

5. Marinated spareribs should not be discarded from ginger slices. In the oil pot, dip pork chops in batter and fry until golden on the surface. Scoop them up and put them on the rice cake slices with sweet sauce and honey until they like their sweetness. Pour them on spareribs and serve.