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Learn how to make small jujube bun in Northwest New Year

With the birth of Huangmo, I began to explore the northwest food culture. In the northwest new year, it is customary to make jujube bun just like we want to make baozi. Generally, there are two ways of baking or steaming. The steamed one is very soft, but the children at home like to eat the baked taste. Of course, the copied one is my favorite. The method is very simple.

Roasted jujube steamed bun


1. Red dates to the core: red dates washed and steamed, to the core. Chop into mud with a knife, then take the required amount for standby.

2. Flour mixing: pour flour and sugar (optional) into the basin in turn, add milk (or water), chopped jujube mud, eggs, salad oil and yeast, mix evenly and form dough, and knead until smooth.

3. Forming: take out the dough and knead it into strips, 30g each, knead it into a circle, knead it into an olive shape, put it into a steaming plate, and put it in for 30 minutes to ferment and expand the volume (about twice the size).

4. Ripening method: put the good jujube bun in cold water and steam for 15 minutes. Don't open the lid immediately after steaming for 3 or 4 minutes. Cool and refrigerate before baking. Do not turn on the fire, just turn on the fire. Preheat the oven for 220 & deg; C. turn one side over until the color is even.