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The technique of homemade Tianjin glutinous rice fried cake

The famous street snack nuomi cake in Tianjin has changed too much. It's hard to find the most original way on the street. This time, I went back to ask my grandmother and made it myself. It's delicious. When I was a child, the taste came back completely. But the nuomi powder is all ready-made.

Fried cake method:

1. Mix glutinous rice powder, flour and yeast, warm water to make dough, cover with lid or plastic wrap, and let go for about 25 minutes.

2. Roll the dough into strips and divide it into equal parts, about 50-60g each.

3. Press the small dosage one by one, wrap the bean paste stuffing, close and squeeze tightly, and then press the stuffing a little bit after kneading. How much stuffing do you want? One is to wrap the sweet ones, and the other is to wrap more under the bag, because it's not easy to wrap more stuffing.

4. Pour the oil into the pot, when the oil temperature is 5% hot, put the wrapped oil into the pot, fry until both sides are golden yellow, remove and control the oil.