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Thousands of steamed bun noodles with fresh meat are still used to make delicious steamed bun

It's too cold here. We were going to make steamed pork dumplings today, but the meat stuffing is not ready. There are several people watching me waiting for food. They tried to make a famous dish in Jiangsu and Zhejiang with thousands of pieces. The taste is not covered. Kaiyang is Haimi.

1. The pork is washed and minced into minced meat with cooking machine, or the minced ginger can be used to cut into minced ginger, green onion to cut into scallion, and then soaked with cooking wine in advance.

2. Wash 1000 pieces of skin, cut into equal length pieces, put ginger and scallion into mince, put some salt, a little sugar, a little soy sauce, a little cooking wine and mix well.

3. Go to the right amount of meat filling, put it in 1 / 3 of 1000 pieces of skin, roll it up for two times, fold it up and close it forward, roll it over and wrap it up.

4. For a thousand steamed buns, we usually put them in the pot first and steam them with water. In this way, it's more convenient to steam a thousand steamed buns, braised in brown sauce or cook soup or hot pot.