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Three delicacies and stewed seeds

Sanxian stew is the name of the alley snack fried stew. The real stew is similar to fried bean curd. It is a snack in the north, such as Dalian, Dandong, Yantai, and Tianjin. The practice is similar. In addition, it's said that Hebei and Henan have their own places, but their practices and tastes are different. What I do today is the fried stewed son in Yantai, which is different from the bean jelly.


1. Mix the sweet potato starch and salt, add a little water, stir well, and pour into the pot.

2, heating a small fire, stirring constantly, you will find some flocculent coagulant in the starch paste, then continue stirring, until the whole starch paste is gel, thick and transparent, green green can turn off the fire.

3. Put some oil in the bowl to prevent sticking, then pour the starch paste into the bowl, spread it slightly, and put it into the refrigerator to solidify into a stew.

4. The sesame paste is boiled with a little water to make the sauce. Then add the mashed garlic, fresh shellfish sauce, salt, shrimp oil, vinegar and sesame oil to make the sauce.

5. Take out the congealed stewed seeds, buckle out and cut 2cm cubes, then pour the cooking oil into the pot, fry slowly on a low heat for four sides to change color, then fry on a high heat for about 2 minutes until the surface is golden.

6. Pour in the sauce, stir well, then turn off the heat.