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Home style braised noodles with green beans

1. Remove the filaments from the lentils, wash them and break them into sections

2. Brush the steamer with oil, shake the noodles and steam for 10 minutes

3. Shake the steamed noodles, open two spoons of vegetable oil, mix well and cool

4. Stir fry scallion and ginger in oil and put minced pork

5. Stir fry and change color. Add lentils and a small amount of salt (because the noodles are mixed with a little salt at last, so this one is just season beans

6. Cook in soy sauce, continue to stir fry, put in clear water, which is better to simmer for 5 minutes just after lentils

7. Open the lid and put in the noodles. Put in the lid and simmer for two minutes. Put in a little salt

8. Open the lid and stir the noodles and lentils evenly into the garlic

9. Finally, use chopsticks to stir the noodles and lentils to make the garlic out of the pot.