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Korean delicious pancake with pickled shrimp

In fact, this kind of cake is similar to the egg cake we usually make, but with a lot of ingredients, the taste is different. It has the delicious seafood and the fragrance of green pepper. The combination of onion and egg is shrimp. If there is a small onion in the onion, I will replace it with the onion leaf

1. Cut the squid and green peppers into shreds, peel the shrimp and remove the shrimp line, chop the shallots (if it's small shallots), chop the spicy cabbage, chop the ginger and garlic, and use the amount as you like. The seafood is more delicious, and the color of red peppers is more beautiful. I think that the onion is more delicious, and the fishy smell of the seafood is less. I put less spicy cabbage, and I can put more spicy ones

2. Add water to the eggs and noodles to make a paste (I used the water of boiled shrimp to make it more delicious). Put a small spoon of salt in it, MSG, pepper noodles, pepper and MSG, wine and sesame oil. Don't be too thin, because vegetables and seafood will come out of the water when meeting salt. It feels like it can drip but it's sticky

3. Put all the cut materials into the batter and mix them evenly

4. Put oil in the pot and heat it over a small heat. If you want to make the cake, you can't save the golden, fragrant and crispy oil. Of course, you don't need to put too much oil in it. Finally, you can put the bottom of the pot

5. When the oil is warm, put the batter into it, and it can be spread into a big cake. But for the convenience of me, you can spread the cake after the oil is warm. You can spread the whole cake or spread the small cake like this. It's easy to spread the small cake like me at home. About two spoonfuls of material can make a small cake

Fry slowly until both sides are golden, and then you can get out of the pot. Don't hurry. When the cake is big, it will be crispy outside and not cooked inside. If the fire is too small, the squid and shrimp will be hard. Generally, a piece of cake is about 3 minutes good

This cake is crispy outside and soft inside. It's a bit like the egg cake we made. But it's Crispy inside. It's soft inside and the chewiness of stuffing is really a beautiful word. This cake tastes spicy cabbage with a little sweet and sour taste. It's a happy noon when you eat it with medium powder or vinegar and a bowl of soup