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Another way to eat wonton

This time, it's a small delicacy made by carelessness. It's another way of eating. You can make it according to my method. It's the favorite of the baby at home.


1. Steam the frozen yuntun in water until it is ready for use; wash and chop the shallot; beat up the eggs, mix in a little salt and pepper, Shaoxing wine and lemon juice, and beat up the eggbeater.

2. Heat the pot with oil, pour in some egg liquid, turn to a small fire, and when the edge of the eggshell rolls up and solidifies, evenly drain into the small yuntun.

3. After the arrangement of wonton, press slightly, and then slowly pour in the remaining egg liquid.

4. When the egg liquid is basically solidified, sprinkle a layer of sesame, and then evenly sprinkle with chopped green onion. When the egg liquid is completely solidified and the bottom layer of the egg skin is burnt, fragrant and golden, you can start the pot and cut the pieces and put them on the table.