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Brewed skin reflects strong northwest style

If you want to experience the strong northwest flavor, you need to taste this food in Lanzhou restaurant. This food is the same as our homemade rice noodles. There are more floating people in the northwest. Eating this snack is to fill your stomach, get a very good wind review, and spread to all parts of the country.

1. Brewed skin is made of flour. The method is to use cold water and flour into a hard ball, and then knead in water, so that the protein and starch in flour can be separated.

2. After the starch precipitates, pour out the clear water, add the edible alkali, mix it into the flour paste, put it into the steamer and steam it, and then cut it into long strips of chopsticks.

3. The protein in the flour is the flour essence, then it is steamed, sliced and put into a bowl.