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What's good to get rid of autumn dryness? Super love spareribs vegetable soup to help teach you how

Autumn is dry and people are also dry. What's good to eat in this season? Make a vegetable spareribs soup. It's nutritious and balanced with meat and vegetables. Everyone in the family likes it. Here are the steps to teach you how to make a delicious vegetable spareribs soup. Let's learn it. Zero cooking can also be easily done~

Ingredients: spare ribs, carrot, corn, lotus root, Shanghai green onion and ginger

Seasoning: salt (this soup only uses salt, and it tastes great)

Methods of vegetable spareribs soup:

1. Material drawing.

2. Wash the spareribs and blanch with scallion and ginger.

3. Put the boiled spareribs into the electric rice cooker, cover and start, and cook them first.

4. Prepare vegetable ingredients.

5. Change ingredients to knives.

6. One hour after the procedure, open the lid and add the ingredients outside the vegetables. Keep cooking.

7. Five minutes before the end of the procedure, open the lid, add salt and vegetables until the end of the procedure.

8. After boiling, the vegetable soup is green, and the dishes are very good. It has a good appetite.

Only if you cook by yourself, you will like it better~