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Hot spicy pot staged, might as well let the taste indulge once

It's absolutely impossible for spicy pot to have any food in all dishes, so it's a perfect opportunity for people who like spicy food! I know that what attracts me is not only the strong taste, but also the sense of fullness, which brings me visual satisfaction and inexplicable joy. After the hot pot bottom material is ready, making a fragrant pot has become a thing I never forget.

Ingredients: pork chop 50g, chicken 50g, squid whisker 50g, stewed beef 50g, Jiwei shrimp 50g, auxiliary materials 60g, lotus root 60g, potato 60g, thousand pieces 100g, broccoli 100g, tea tree mushroom 60g, cabbage 60g, yulanpian 50g, seasoning soy sauce 1 tbsp, green onion 10g, ginger 10g, garlic 10g, dry pepper 20g, cooking wine 2 tbsp, onion 10g, coriander 1 hotpot bottom 100g, fresh pepper 30g, marinated material 10g

In addition to potatoes, cabbage and Agrocybe chashugu, the vegetables are washed and then boiled in boiling brine in the order of easy to be cooked

2. All meat ingredients except marinated beef and shrimp should be washed and boiled in a cold water pan until the water breaks. If there is foam, it should be knocked out in time. Squid should be fished out in advance

3. Add half a pot of peanut oil to the pan, deep fry the potatoes with medium heat until the surface is golden, and then remove the oil; wash the prawns, remove the shrimp thread, deep fry them in the oil until golden, and remove the oil; fry other blanched meat materials in the oil pan again until golden, and then remove the oil

4. Pour more oil into the pot, stir fry pepper, Zanthoxylum bungeanum and other comprehensive spices, take out the spices after flavor, and leave the spice oil at the bottom of the pot

5. Add onion, ginger, garlic and onion, stir fry in the spice oil, add tea tree mushroom and stir fry in oil

6. Add homemade chafing dish bottom material and stir fry with small amount of oil

7. Stir the hot pot bottom material and Agrocybe aegerita until fragrant, then add all the processed meat dishes

8. Stir well and add all vegetables

9. Stir fry well, then cook in yellow rice wine and soy sauce in turn, and finally add a small amount of salt according to the saltiness

10. Add the hot pepper and spices that have been stir fried and fished out

11. Finally, add cabbage and other easily cooked vegetables without pretreatment, stir fry until they are broken, sprinkle sesame and coriander, and then start the pot