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How to make steaming steamed beef? Delicious dishes recommended

Steamed beef with flour is a traditional snack in Sichuan Province. The steaming beef is brought to you in cages. The sight alone makes people faint. The red chili noodles, green onions and coriander, a touch of garlic juice, and a few pinch of Zanthoxylum noodles make people pour. When you smell them, all kinds of complex aroma come to your face. Chopsticks are already in your hands, and you don't know how to use them I'll catch one first.

Ingredients: beef (foreleg) 500g rice 100g salt 2G soy sauce 10g ginger 5g garlic 10g pepper 40grains shallot 2G Pixian bean paste 20g rotten milk 20g mash 15g brown sugar 5g yellow rice wine 10g water appropriate amount of wuxiangfen 3G coriander a little pepper powder 3G chili powder 3G

Preparation of ingredients and seasonings

2. Cut the beef into large pieces about 0.5cm

3. Put the whole prickly ash and the right amount of green onion together and cut them into fine powder. Cut the ginger into fine powder. Smash the garlic and pour a little water to make garlic juice

4. Put the beef in the pot, first put the chopped Chinese prickly ash, scallion and ginger rice

5. Add Pixian Douban, Sufu juice, mash juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, yellow rice wine and some water, mix well and marinate for half an hour

6. Decant the soaked rice with clean water, stir fry it into light yellow over low heat, and then add a little five spice powder and salt to break it up

7. Then put the rice noodles into the beef and stir well. Put them on the plate and steam them for about 1.5 to 2 hours. Sprinkle with chili powder, Chinese prickly ash powder, garlic juice, scallion and coriander

Cooking skills

1. When frying rice noodles, there will be some sticky pot due to water. Don't open the fire. Stir slowly over medium and small fire. After a while, the sticky things at the bottom will disappear, and then it will be easy to fry. Of course, you can buy rice noodles outside, but I don't know what will be put inside, so I usually fry by myself. The amount of rice noodles here is only a rough amount, and it's up to you Put, but don't put too much, so eat up all rice noodles, no beef flavor;

2. The marinated beef should be almost enough, but it may be a little worse for friends with heavy taste, so you can add a little more salt;

3. Salted beef must add some water, of course, if there is a better soup, this is to make the rice noodles steamed out more moist, if not water, rice noodles may be steamed out very dry; steamed beef with flour is absolutely a delicious food for those who like to eat steamed beef with flour, so if you want better food, steamed beef with flour might as well learn from it!