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How to make small yellow croaker delicious? Dry fried small yellow croaker is also good

There are also a few small yellow croaker at home, simply pickled, wrapped in egg paste and bread bran, fried in deep oil, with porridge in the morning. Of course, other kinds of small fish, the same way, the taste is pretty good! Do you want to go to the kitchen yourself?

Ingredients: small yellow croaker 500g eggs 2 bread bran 30g salt 5g cooking wine 5g starch 5g five spice powder 5g vegetable oil 400ml

Preparation of raw materials, small yellow croaker clean viscera and gills. 2

2. Add appropriate amount of salt, marinate cooking wine, add appropriate amount of starch and five spice powder to eggs, stir well

3. Put the salted fish into the egg paste, cover both sides with egg paste, and then stick bread bran evenly.

4. Heat the vegetable oil pan, put in the small yellow croaker and fry it until golden