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How to make super delicious fried mutton with Scallion? The warmest food in winter

Mutton in hot pot is probably the best food in winter, but if you can't finish eating mutton and pack it home, it's also very good to make fried mutton with scallion. Today, Xiaobian will tell you the specific method of fried mutton with scallion?

ingredients: 250 g mutton, 5 g salt, 5 g soy sauce, 1 spring onion, 15 ml rice vinegar, 8 g Sugar, 1 handful coriander

Fried mutton with Scallion

1. First cut the scallion into oblique pieces, wash the coriander, and then cut it into short pieces about 3cm in length;

2. When the oil pan is heated to 50% heat, add mutton slices and stir fry quickly;

3. When the mutton slices begin to turn white, add green onion, soy sauce, sugar and salt and stir fry until the meat slices turn white;

4. After the mutton is mature, pour in rice vinegar, add coriander section, stir fry evenly, and then out of the pot immediately. Therefore, there are many ways to eat mutton in winter, so we might as well pay attention to Sihai food channel with more food experts!