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Spicy taste in simple ingredients of red oil shredded potato

Potato is a common food in our daily life. What kind of food do you like? Today's red silk cooking oil will bring you different sensory stimulation, so I believe you can satisfy your appetite!

ingredients: 2 potatoes, salt, a little chili oil, 1 tbsp onion oil, 1 tbsp apple vinegar, 1 tbsp steamed fish soy sauce, 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tbsp

Two potatoes, peel off and wash. Prepare onion oil and chili oil in advance

2. Prepared fish sauce, steamed fish soy sauce and apple vinegar; slice potatoes with a knife

3. Put the sliced slices together and cut them into filaments for standby; put the sliced filaments into water to prevent discoloration

4. Wash the cut potato shreds with water for three times to remove the starch; boil a pot of boiling water on the fire, put in the washed potato shreds and blanch them with boiling water

5. Put the blanched shredded potatoes into cold water for a while; take the seasoning bowl, add appropriate amount of fish sauce, steamed fish soy sauce and apple vinegar, and then add salt, scallion oil and chili oil to mix evenly

6. Put the drained shredded potatoes into the seasoning bowl; mix well and serve on a plate

As a matter of fact, home dishes are affordable and delicious. In terms of appearance and taste, red oil shredded potatoes are better than others, so don't you collect such home dishes?