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Do you like the unique and elegant pattern of meat and vegetable collocation?

Meat and vegetable collocation is the principle that we always adhere to. In fact, the life of big fish and big meat is also greasy and crooked. It has its own fun to mix bean curd with green onion. So, does a simple small rape with golden garlic make the whole table look more exquisite?

ingredients: rape 500g Lentinus edodes 1, salad oil, chicken essence, garlic, steamed fish, soy sauce, sugar and water

Mince garlic and Lentinus edodes, steam fish and soy sauce, add a little sugar and chicken essence to make a small bowl of juice

2. Put water in the small pot, add some oil and chicken essence, and boil the rape until it is done

3. The rape should be drained, with its head facing out, and stored for standby

4. Add oil in a small pan, heat it, add mushrooms and garlic powder, deep fry into golden crisp, turn off the fire immediately

5. Pour the soya sauce on the leaves in the middle while it is hot. Sometimes a simple dish of vegetables can make people feel happy!