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Sweet scented osmanthus and carmine lotus root is worthy of its reputation and is amazing to your co

Put the flower and fruit tea and a small amount of sugar in a sealed bowl

2. Soak with boiling water for standby;

3. Cut lotus root into slices and blanch it in a pot, then add appropriate amount of salt;

4. Take out lotus root slices and put them into the fruit tea;

5. After cooling completely (if you like sour taste, you can add appropriate amount of white vinegar), cover the sealed cover and refrigerate it in the refrigerator for more than three hours;

6. Take them out and put them well. Take out some flowers and fruits, tea grains and sweet osmanthus and sprinkle them on the surface of lotus root slices;

7. Is it easy to finish the 'osmanthus carmine lotus root' with beautiful color, cool and appetizing?