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The good moral food made of meat sauce and eggplant

1、 Shape eggplant with 'clip blade' to make the flavor stronger.

Clip blade: that is, it can't be cut, cut into the shape of breaking. Teach you how to do the perfect blade clamping all the time:

1. Cut off the eggplant root.

2. Clamp the long eggplant with two chopsticks, and cut each segment into 5 cm clamping blades with a knife.

3. When cutting into the middle of the chopsticks, move the chopsticks. Otherwise, the tip of the chopsticks is thin, and the depth of the eggplant will be different.

4. Like the accordion, it's very even.

5. Cut the whole long eggplant into large sections.

2、 Sauce filling

1. It is best to choose the most tender, fragrant and best part of plum meat (see picture).

2. For such good meat, it's better to chop it into grains with a knife instead of dumplings made by machine.

3. Cut up the shrimps and put them into the pork stuffing. First add the chopped scallion and ginger, then add 1g of refined salt, 15g of raw soy sauce, 1.5g of white pepper, 2.5G of oyster sauce, 20g of cold and boiled water into the stuffing. Use your hands to grab, stir and drop the shrimps. The taste goes in.

3、 Filling

1. Pat the corn starch with your hands or use a small spoon to fill it into the middle of the clamping blade of SolarOne, then gently pull it with your hands and shake it, so that the starch is under the clamping blade. The remaining starch in the basin is poured into a small bowl, and cold water is added to make the wet starch water for later use.

2. Use chopsticks to wipe the meat stuffing into the eggplant dragon clip blade, and then with the help of hands, the meat stuffing will be stuffed into the eggplant dragon clip blade to make it curved (the meat stuffing cannot be put too much or too little).

4、 Pan fried

1. Heat up the cold pot, pour in a small amount of edible oil. After the oil is hot, fry the eggplant section in the pot.

2. Fry the two sides slightly, and put the pan into the pan if the pan is slightly discolored (light yellow).

5、 Steam

1. Add cold water to the steamer, and you will be angry when the fire is boiling.

2. Put the eggplant dragon plate on the curtain of the hot pot.

3. Steam over high heat for 6 minutes, turn off the heat immediately and get out of the pot.

6、 Oyster sauce

At the same time of steaming, make oyster sauce as soon as possible:

1. Heat up the cold pot, pour in a small amount of cooking oil, add chopped green onion and ginger, stir fry until fragrant.

2. Add 10g of seasoning wine, 30g of raw sauce, 2.5G of oyster sauce, 2G of refined salt, 5g of sugar, 2.5 of chicken essence, and wet corn starch (mixed with 40g cold water in advance) and mix well.

3. If you want to make sure that the eggplant looks good, take out the onion and ginger from the oyster sauce (if you eat it yourself, you don't have to worry about it).

4. Put the washed lettuce on the bottom of the plate, put the steamed eggplant dragon on the plate, sprinkle with red and green pepper, water with juice and serve!