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A new definition of carp leaping over the dragon's gate

1. Clean carp and remove scales, and use a knife to cut two sides;

2. Put onion and ginger, pepper, seasoning, cooking wine, soy sauce and salt in the basin, marinate carp for more than 2 hours;

3. Mix flour and starch with water to make a batter. Put the salted fish into the batter and let the fish stick to the batter;

4. Take out the fish, put 2 sides of dry flour on it, and put it in the plate for standby;

5. Pour 700 grams of salad oil into the pot. When the oil is 6-7% hot, put in the fish;

6. When frying fish, put the tail in first, and then shape it slowly. Let the fish bend in the oil pan;

7. Because the fish is big, it needs to be fried for a while before it can be fully fried. When it's cooked, it's taken out and put into the plate;

8. Put 75g ketchup in the pot, take one teaspoon of raw sauce, two teaspoons of cooking wine, two teaspoons of sugar, two teaspoons of vinegar and five teaspoons of water, and heat to boil;

9. Cut red pepper and yellow pepper into small pieces, sprinkle around the fish, not spicy. Pour the cooked juice on the fish, sprinkle coriander on the surface.