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The nutrition that can't be missed in the food season

1. Put the spareribs in the pot, add some water, onion, ginger and cooking wine, boil them in high heat, and then cook them in low heat;

2. Wash the cooked ribs with hot water, add salt and marinate for about 10 minutes;

3. Cut pineapple into pieces and soak in light salt water for a while;

4. Remove and drain water for standby;

5. Slice onion and green red pepper;

6、 Tomato sauce, white sugar, clear water and 10g wet starch were mixed to form sweet and sour sauce;

7. Add the rest of the wet starch into the egg and flour, stir well to make a deep fried paste;

8. Put the marinated spareribs into the fried paste, hang the paste;

9. When the oil pan is heated to 70% or 80%, put the ribs into it;

10. Fry until golden and crisp, drain;

11. Stir fry the ginger and garlic;

12. Stir fry onion and green and red peppers for a while;

13. Put in sweet and sour sauce, stir fry until the sauce is thick;

14. Add pineapple cubes and stir evenly;

15. Into the fried ribs;

16. Quickly stir fry until the ribs are evenly covered with sauce.