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Learn to cook delicious Taiwanese delicacies rice with mushroom and diced meat

The fried rice in Taiwan is very popular. I have the honor to taste it very beautiful once. For me, as an office worker, this delicious method is simple. I have learned to make a very popular fried rice with diced meat and letinous edodes for a long time.

Rice with mushroom and Diced Pork

1. Wash the shrimp skin and drain the water. Wash the onion and cut into sections and scallions. Slice the ginger and cut the streaky pork into small diced meat.

2. Soak the dried mushroom in warm water, and keep the mushroom water. Dice the dried mushrooms.

3. Take a small bowl and put 1 tbsp of cooking wine, 2 tbsp of raw soy sauce, 1 tbsp of old soy sauce, 0.5 tbsp of sugar, and then put 3 tbsp of mushroom water into the sauce.

4. Heat the oil in the pot, stir the shallot and ginger slices in a small heat, remove and discard. Pour in Diced Pork and stir fry until the color changes.

5. Pour in diced mushrooms and shrimp skin, stir fry for one minute. Pour in the sauce prepared in step 5.

6. Cook over medium heat until there is a little soup left in the pan. Pour in a small bowl of rice. Turn the heat and stir fry until the rice and all the ingredients are even, and the rice is dry, sprinkle the onion and mix well, then the pot will come out.