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The more you eat, the thinner you will be

There is a kind of konjac in the traditional ingredients of Sichuan cuisine, which looks like Henan cold noodles and Luoyang ginger stir fried. It is very good to eat. Moreover, konjac is called a rare diet food and gastrointestinal scavenger, rich in cellulose, and the family practice is very simple.


1. Cut the seaweed konjac into thick slices, the garlic leaves into two parts: green garlic and white garlic, and the red peppers into shreds.

2. The pot is hot. Stir fry the garlic first, and then put a tablespoon of black bean into the pot.

3. Stir fry the konjac slices, then add the shredded red pepper, add some soy sauce and sugar. Stir fry until the red pepper shreds are broken, then add the green garlic section, stir evenly, and then add a little salt.

Konjac has many functions, such as reducing blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure, dispersing poison, beautifying, dredging pulse, reducing weight, appetizing and so on. Konjac has almost no calories. It has been called "gut removing sand" since ancient times. Japanese call it gastrointestinal scavenger, which is a natural high fiber healthy food.