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Steamed bread balls, steamed bread balls

In the past, I always put the steamed bread in the refrigerator after it's cooled. When I eat it, I take it out again. It's hot and it's soft, fragrant and sweet. I forgot the big bag the other day. It's cold now, and it's hard and out of shape soon. No one at home eats it. I'll make some pancakes for the similar leftover steamed bread. Today, I'll use the leftover steamed bread to make some balls Home is good.


1. Cut the cabbage into shreds (not too fine) and put the cabbage seasoning on the bottom of the plate (put the cabbage seasoning before putting the balls, so as not to let the cabbage out of the water for a long time).

2. Put minced pig meat into the meatball seasoning and mix well. Cut the remaining steamed bread into small pieces (it's better to be smaller, the more dry the steamed bread is, the better it is. The steamed bread I use is still soft, so it's bigger).

3. Put the good steamed bread dice into the mixed meat stuffing, and hold it evenly by hand (if it is too dry, put a little water) for 5 minutes, so that the steamed bread will become softer, and the combination of softer and softer will be better.

4. Put the stuffing into a small ball of table tennis and put it on the paved cabbage. Put it in a steamer and steam for 15 minutes.